Let’s Build a House Together!!!


Our First Home!

Located on:

77 Thorman Avenue,

Hicksville, NY 11801

Latest News and Activities

· Homes for Homecoming Heroes have acquired the land for their “SECOND!!!” house in Freeport, NY.

             *address of the lot is; 108 Stevens Street, Freeport, NY 11520

· We are currently looking for qualified veterans to be selected for the lottery. Some of the requirements to be selected are as follows;

           * good credit history (i.e. credit score of 600 or better)

           * household income of at least $44,000 and a maximum of $72,000

· The price of the homes will be determined by the cost of the land and construction. Hopefully, we will be able to deliver an approximately 1200 square foot home with a garage, where possible for less than $200,000.00. Some of the house specs are;

             * Lot size 5000 sf, single story ranch style, 3 BR, 2 full Baths, no basement, etc.

· The veteran will purchase the home with a down payment and a thirty-year fixed mortgage offered through the State of New York Mortgage Agency.

· A forgivable second mortgage will be placed for the appraised value of the house, and will run concurrent with the first mortgage. 

· Please contact Mr. Larry Sklar at (646) 641-8460, if you are a Veteran or know a Veteran who could quality for the lottery.

· The ground breaking for the first house in Hicksville, NY was done by Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano on November 14, 2013.

· The Ribbon Cutting for the first house in Hicksville, NY was done by Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano.

· Homes for Homecoming Heroes is a 501c Voluntary Organization.

· Please contact us (646) 641-8460, if you are interested in volunteering.



We are accepting Donations at:

                 Homes for Homecoming Heroes

                 PO Box: 20

                 Jericho, NY 11753

Office: (516) 933-4376

Cell: (646) 641-8460

Email: homesforhomecomingheros@gmail.com

Our Second Home!

Located on:

108 Stevens Street,

Freeport, NY 11520